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Book Realm Revisions is an editing company specializing in polishing projects that you have taken as far as you can with your current toolkit. I am your partner and catalyst for transforming your story through creative collaboration and a transparent editing process, all the while striving for editorial excellence. My passion is to help my clients and their projects go from a good story to a story that they are proud of.


Book Realm Revisions' mission is to guide and inspire writers to create magical worlds for their audience to get lost in.

Who is


A little bit

I am a lifelong bibliophile. I read 100+ books per year (not that I can talk about some of them yet). 

When I am not reading or editing, I am an avid gamer and gardener. I also dabble in journaling, yoga, rock climbing, mini-painting, and baking. When I can, I indulge my wanderlust and visit as many historical sites, museums, gardens, and local haunts as possible.

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my personal

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Writing and Rhetoric with a minor in Business from Oakland University, MI. I started my career in the automotive industry and had spent the last five years as a Technical Editor working with engineers and executives while running Book Realm Revisions.

What started as a creative side business quickly became my passion and what I wanted to do full-time. I am now fully focused on Book Realm Revisions and its clients. I bring my decade of experience to help polish and transform my client's drafts into the vision they dream of.


  • Poynter Aces Certificate in Editing.

  • EFA Copyediting Series (Beginning - Advanced).

  • EFA Developmental Editing Series (Beginning - Advanced).

  • EFA Book Mapping Course.

  • EFA Conference 2019.

  • EFA Line Editing (Introduction-Intermediate).

  • EFA Editing for Conscious and Inclusive Language.


  • OU Alumni Writing Department Panel 2021.

  • StokerCon 2022: 

    • Stronger than the Sum of its Parts: The Author-Editor Relationship.

    • Interactive Horror: How board games, card games, RPGS, and video games bring you into the horror.

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