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March of the Machine

Main Story

  • Triumph of the Fleshless.

  • Holding your Breath.

  • Mother, Son, and Story.

  • Beneath Eyes Unblinking.

  • Cathartic Reunion.

  • The Last to Leave.

Main Story

  • Divine Intervention.

  • Wrenn and Eight.

  • Zendikar: Battles in the Field and in the Mind.

  • The Sins of Old Phyrexia.

  • The Rhythms of Life.

  • The Aftermath: She Who Breaks the World.

  • The Aftermath: Beyond Repair.

Side Stories

  • Arcavios: A Radiant Heart.

  • Ikoria: Survival of the Fittest.

  • Ixalan: Three Hundred Steps Under the Sun.

  • Innistrad: Family Game Night.

  • Eldraine: The Adventures of Rankle, Master of Love.

  • Ravnica: One and the Same.

  • New Capenna: Fall of Park Heights.

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Independent Authors




Fight for freedom, fight for the future.

Traitors working for the Kingdom of Aestellus lurk everywhere throughout the city of Nevarria, waiting to report to their masters. A young woman named Kiera Rovanoe, forced to live her life under the constant threat of a foreign occupying force, must come to terms with the situation she and her found family are in.




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