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Cyberpunk Asian style dragons glitter imposingly against a futuristic skyline.


Neon Dynasty

  • A Stranger in Eiganjo.

  • Lies, Promises, and Neon Flames.

  • An Unexpected Alliance.

  • The Break-In.

  • Threads of War.


Side Stories

  • Kaito Origin Stories: A Test of Loyalty and the Path Forward.

  • The Blade Reflected and Reborn.

  • The Epoch Engine.

  • The Foes Who Make Us.

A armored demon in a tuxedo offers a deal, his right hand outstretched and glowing w/golden power.

Streets of New Capenna


  • Homecoming.

  • Dirty Laundry.

  • Tests.

  • The Font.

  • Hymn of the Angels.


Side Stories

  • The Contract Breaker.

  • What You Expect to See.

  • The Side of Freedom.

  • The Family Man.

  • Alley Cat Blues.

Pathfinder: Devil at the Dreaming Palace. The image shows a knight standing casually.


Agents of Edgewatch

  • Devil at the Dreaming Palace.

Fraternal blonde twin mages spark frosty or electrical powers against a library backdrop.


School of Mages

  • Class is in Session.

  • Lessons.

  • Extracurriculars.

  • Put to the Test.

  • Final Exam.


Side Stories

  • A Cry of Magic.

  • The Chains that Bind.

  • The Mentor.

  • Blue-Green Ribbons.

  • A Silent Voice Calls.

A werewolf's maw is poised to attack the viewer against a full moon with lantern lit trees.


Midnight Hunt

  • The Witch of the Woods.

  • The Motives of Wolves.

  • The Fall of the House Betzold.

  • Harvesttide.

  • Night Closes ‘Round.


Side Stories:

  • Tangles (2022 Hugo Nominee).

  • Sisters.

  • His Eyes All of Them.

  • The Dance of Undeath.

  • The Dusk Reborn.

An imposing vampire couple in wedding attire, red phantoms make up the bride's wedding train.


Crimson Vow

  • Tithes and Invitations.

  • The Dolorous Weight of Pleasantries.

  • Forever Hold Your Peace.

  • The Wedding Crashers.

  • Till Death Do Us Part.


Side Stories:

  • The Edge of the World.

  • The Blessing of Blood.

  • Survivors.

  • The Devouring House.

Independent Authors



A lone boy stands on the Savannah, a dark army is rushing toward him.


  • Book 1.

A lone figure stands in a dark war zone, the stars winking in the sky.

The Nevarrian War

  • Book 1 of the Cerolian Sagas



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