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 Editing packages include a 20% discount off of non-bundled services. Please contact us if one of the packages below does not fit your needs. The collaborative process begins with filling out an editing quote questionnaire, scheduling a sample edit, and a discovery call to discuss your project and its unique needs.

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The Storyteller: Developmental Edit with Line Edit

This package includes a developmental edit pass and a line edit pass.


The Artisan: Developmental Edit with Copyedit

This package includes a developmental edit pass and a copyedit pass.


The Worldbuilder: TTRPG and Game Dev Package

I have been playing TTRPGs and video games for over a decade and have been a Dungeon Master or Game Master (DM/GM) for three. I will be bringing both my editorial experience and my gaming experience to your manuscript or documentation. I will review for ease of use for gameplay, enough detail to set the scene (but not overwhelm the DM/GM), flow, grammar, and consistency.

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