Heather Romanowski

I worked in a library during my college years which convinced me that I wanted to be involved with creating stories. As I dusted off, filed books and spoke to other avid book readers, the words of beloved writers once again sparked my drive to craft dreams into reality.


My main focus was a Bachelor's degree in Writing and Rhetoric, which appeals to my creative side. I also minored in Business to help me understand how a business functions. I have spent the past five-plus years working on honing my writing and editing skills as a professional Technical Editor.

To make my dreams come true, I created Book Realm Revisions to be that second set of eyes and trusted collaborative partner that an author needs to see their story bloom into its full potential! 


I specialize in fiction, nonfiction, romance, science-fiction/science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, urban fantasy, and YA. I offer the following services (see Information tab for in-depth descriptions):

  • Manuscript critique

  • Comprehensive edit/line editing

  • Copyediting and stylistic editing

  • Developmental editing

For new clients, I offer a free sample edit. If you are looking for a custom package or are unsure of the level of editing needed.

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